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HowYouLove is a Global Movement of Humans teaming up to raise the frequency of the planet to the vibration of Love. Our Mission is to magnetize a Global Community of more than 8 million people around the world (1/10th of 1%) to join together in focused actions of Love until we cause the tipping point for Love on Planet Earth and for all of Humanity.

We are playing a game based on the “Laser Beam Effect.” On the 21st of each month, our Global Community, will join together in Actions of Love. This could be something such as smiling, greeting, acknowledging, forgiveness, paying it forward, saying I love you, having a playdate and much more. As we share the love on the 21st, we not only impact those we touch directly… but the love we share is rippling out to an exponential number of people and the world.

Why HowYouLove and this thing called the “Laser Beam Effect”?

A few months after my Mom died, she came back in a lucid dream. When I asked her if Heaven was what she hoped it would be, she said, “Honey.. the things we think are so important here on Earth.. they don’t matter at all.. the only thing that matters is HowYouLove.” I asked, “HowYouLove?” and a deep booming voice vibrated through every sense of my being, “How You Love.”  Then my Mom reached out her hand and touched my arm, “Remember.. promise me, you’ll remember.” I said, “I Promise.’  When she said goodbye, I woke up and remembered, everything.. especially HowYouLove is what matters most.

A couple of years later… I was riding a local bus in Costa Rica to Jaco Beach with my youngest son. It was blistering hot with no air conditioning and I was reading John Kehoe’s Quantum Warrior. As I was reading, John told the Laser Beam Story.  He said, “Light waves are everywhere and each wave has it’s own personal frequency and no two waves are the same. A laser beam occurs by creating unity between light waves. When just 1/10th of 1% of these unique and individual light waves begin to vibrate at the same frequency at the same time, all other light waves in the vicinity automatically shift into the same exact frequency to become a powerful unified beam.”  He continued, “All living things are made of light waves on the quantum level” and once he equated this formula to human beings, I felt chills, saw light shining and it seemed like I heard a chorus of angels singing.. or maybe that was just my Mom 😉

I really got it.. if only 1/10th of 1% of humanity were vibrating at the same frequency at the same time… it would blast through the planet like a laser beam. That’s only 7-8 million. If a funny cat video can get millions of views, surely there are 7-8 million people interested in shifting the planet.

Love is the highest frequency on the planet. It is the frequency of Source Energy. It’s free and something we have unlimited access to.

This is where the WorldWideWave of HowYouLove was born.

Together, we can create the tipping point of Love on the planet.

Will you be the 1/10th of 1%?

By saying Yes.. you are stepping into the possibility of Peace on Earth and Love as the natural way of Being for All.

The HowYouLove Pledge

As One Human Being standing for Humanity, I declare:

I live life with the conscious intention to leave the world a better place for our children and our children’s children.

I share love, compassion and joy with all life on Planet Earth.

I make little differences, everyday, in simple ways.

I play the game of life full out, leading by example.

I engage my fellow men, women and children in the eye, appreciating every human being as a precious gift.

I thrive and generously spread abundance throughout life.

I remember life is about the journey, not the destination and I endeavor to make it count every single day.

I expand community and my connection with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even those I have yet to know.

I laugh deeply in my belly every day, for no reason at all.

I focus on what’s good about my life, my people and my world and I share gratitude with freely and abundantly.

I am present in the moment, honoring and delighting in the beauty all around.

I know love is an action and how I love matters, not only for myself & those I cherish, but for all of Humanity.

I remember I am part of a bigger web and my actions (and inactions) create results that ripple across the globe.

I stand to be counted…I am 1/10th of 1%… One for 1000. I am HowYouLove.


Let’s Grow Our HowYouLove Community

Share Our Game and Mission with your friends, family and colleagues who are ready to see a World filled with freedom, love and respect for all of Humanity.

After you sign up, you will receive 21 days of Actions of Love. This will get your Love muscle fully engaged and is guaranteed to increase your Happy, Love and Passion for Life. Also, watch for monthly updates and be ready for our Global Event on the 21st of each month!

Let’s share HowYouLove with heaps of people so together we create the sonic wave of Love and Peace on Earth.

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